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12 Top Christian Jewelry Pieces for Women

April 7, 2016 at 10:38 am

Faith should come across in a straightforward, dignified manner. Christians want simple, yet elegant ways to tell the world about God. These refined jewelry pieces communicate faith with chic, simplicity, and directness.

Women's Christian Jewelry

1. Alexi and Ani Spiritual Armour Wire Bangle Bracelet

This bracelet, made of durable Russian Silver, shows everyone how strong your faith is. The pure silver symbolizes an untainted heart. It has just one cross but expresses your love for the Lord.

This expandable piece is comfortable to wear and fits all wrists. Alexi and Ani used recycled materials to make it, so it also shouts out your support for the environment.


2. Wings as Eagles Necklace

By Kerussa, this necklace has a simple cross and a plate with a touching biblical verse from the Book of Isiah. Sheer and dignified, it exemplifies Christianity. The muted colors allow you to pair it with most things in your closet.


3. Tree of Life Sterling Silver Disk Chain Pendant Necklace

This chic necklace, with a Tree of Life motif, shows your deep trust in the Lord. It reminds you to let your faith take root and spread. You can be sure that this piece, made of Sterling Silver from Italy, is durable.


4. Cross My Heart Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace

This piece, from the Amazon Collection, features a diamond-nailed cross with a yellow heart. Wear it and show your enduring faith.

Amazon ensures that all its diamond suppliers follow the Kimberley Process. Their quality is unquestionable.


5. Jesus is Lord Bracelet

Bold, casual and eye-catching, this bracelet exudes trendiness. It is a fashionable way to express your faith. The red band makes a statement as soon as you walk into a room.

http://www.kerusso.com/christian-jewelry/faith-gear-jewelry/jesus-is-lord-bracelet.html. Infinite Love Necklace for Women

6. Concho Christian Bracelet

The Concho Christian Bracelet, with a gold-plated cross on a brown band, is straightforward. That said, it is a bold expression of faith. Put it on and tell the world that you are a child of God.


7. Purity Love Trust Ring

With this ring, you send a subtle, yet clear message. Faith encompasses love, trust, and pureness of heart. This quality stainless steel ring also shows that God’s love is eternal.

This Mobius Strip band has an engraved faith message. It is both beautiful and calming. The message reads:

“Today, I Promise I will Wait and agree to stay pure because I know God loves me, and His blessing is in store.”


8. God’s Heart for You Necklace

This necklace has the words “created, chosen, celebrated” etched on it. They are a needed reminder that you are God’s creation. Made of strong rhodium, it also shows that your faith endures.


9. By Grace Alone

A mother’s painful journey on the path of faith inspired Lisa Leonard to create this simple piece. It assures everyone that God will help us to overcome overwhelming trials.


10. Tree of Life Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

This Sterling Silver necklace has a gold-plated tree at its center. It reminds you to let your faith take root.

Amazon’s suppliers treat the blue diamonds on the necklace to improve their resilience. They use the Kimberley Process, so you know that they are genuine.


11. Christ is Key Necklace

Wear this key pendant and remind the world that Christ is the answer to all worries. It is the perfect way to tell everyone that Jesus has a hand in all aspects of life.


12. Tree of Life Earrings

These drop earrings spread God’s word with ingenious simplicity. It is an understated way to stress that one should stay rooted in faith. You can pass these hardy, Sterling Silver earrings on to you daughter.


When you wear these lovely jewelry pieces, you send God’s love to everyone.